Corporate Offerings

Bated Breath offers cutting-edge trainings custom-tailored to your audience and space.

Less is More (Fun!)

You’ve heard the “less is more” philosophy, now let's experience it on its feet. Our workshop will use the most dynamic theater exercises specifically adapted to enhance creativity, sharpen focus, and enliven the workplace.

Bated Breath Theatre Company will lead participants in fast-paced, fun theatre exercises that increase memory, encourage lightning fast responsiveness, and provide a new way of thinking about creativity both in and out of the work environment. Bated Breath will challenge old ways of approaching repetitive tasks at work offering a newfound freedom and a set of tools that can be immediately applied post-workshop.


Play with your Lunch

This workshop would explore the use of immersive/interactive theatre making techniques to add a whole new dimension of creative thinking to grabbing and holding an audience's attention. Bated Breath’s unique style of making interactive theatre involves expectation shattering methods of engagement drawn from cutting edge theatre and other artistic disciplines in order to create an unforgettable, alive experience. Our facilitators are at the forefront of the immersive theatre movement.  Each session will culminate in a shared project and the end of the eight weeks will culminate in an open session of sharing developed work.