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Making It Happen: Four Questions with Beneath the Gavel Writer & Director Mara Lieberman

"Mara Lieberman is the Executive/Artistic Director of Bated Breath Theatre Company. She wrote and directed their current off-Broadway immersive, physical theatre piece Beneath the Gavel, which thrusts audiences into the swanky NYC art world where they even bid on art pieces they could take home using fake money provided by the show."



BROADWAY WORLD: BENEATH THE GAVEL at 59E59-An Exciting Theatrical Experience

"For the cost of a show ticket, you'll be able to experience the thrill of being a part of a high-end art auction the likes of Sotheby's or Christie's. This is an enthralling piece of finely tuned, interactive theater." 


‘Beneath the Gavel’: Going Once, Going Twice…Audiences get to be part of the art—maybe even take some home—with Bated Breath Theatre’s new art auction-themed immersive work.

“We really want to push into the idea of, when does the performance start?" Lieberman explains. “I love the idea of this ‘meta-performance.’ I love that these characters that exist in my mind have this whole life outside of me and outside of the written script.” 


Immersive Theater Experience On NY Auction Scene Is Happening Now At Christie's Ex-Park Avenue Home

"Playgoers are invited to preregister to participate in the play’s three auctions when they purchase their tickets; if they do so, they are considered VIP’s at the auction."


Bid Like a Millionaire Collector at This Off-Broadway Play

"During a performance on Thursday, Burmeister sold the work Haddie Without Shawl for a respectable $3 million (paid for with paper bills showered over the audience at the beginning of the play)." 

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Bated Breath Theatre Company Earns Award of Merit from Connecticut League of History Organizations

"Bated Breath Theatre Company has received a prestigious Award of Merit for an original and innovative production with The Amistad Center."