For Actors: Physical Theatre Training Center

Develop yourself as a fully expressive, physically adept actor through the rigorous study of multiple physical theatre forms including Suzuki technique, Viewpoints, and other physical modalities.



We train actors to listen with their whole body, to breathe together, to ride each moment seamlessly as you balance your focus between you as an individual and being part of a larger whole. Our training is rigorous as we are relentless in pursuit of excellence physically, vocally, and energetically.  We go deeply into technique in order to find technical precision and artistic freedom at the same time.

Bated Breath Theatre Company is expanding

We're looking for actors who are passionate about devising new work in a physical theatre style.  The ideal candidate would be an interdisciplinary thinker/art maker who has physical theatre/dance training, who wants to train rigorously in physical theatre, and who wants to create cutting-edge theatre for both traditional and non-traditional audiences.  Suzuki and Viewpoints experience are a plus but not required.

To apply, please send your resume and headshot to ml@batedbreaththeatre.org